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Ramblings of a madman

The Chaotic Catalyst

Chaotic Ramblings of a Jittery Soul

I'm constantly growing and changing...But everytime Transcendency happens, I notice the fall of another piece of me. It's a constant chaotic balance that never stops. But even now, the change is still good and someday I will fulfill the true term of Chaotic Transcendence.

Twisting and turning,
Spiraling and yearning,
Always growing and never shriveling,
Rising above the sky and heading to that place,
Looking for the answers but not having a trace,
Guidance is accepted but the path is at my pace,
Someday the answers will be clear,
Hopefully I won't stop of fear,
Take me away, look at me and hold me near.

If you want to know more about me, look under my memories. I have made some posts (and hopefully some more eventually) of all about me and different areas of my life.

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